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10 food traps for diabetics

Here are some food traps for diabetics. I Love You, Me neither”, this sums up a bit the relationship that a diabetic can have with certain foods. We propose today to subdue 10 culprits of our hyper or hypo.Let’s stop right there: the idea of this article is not to tell you to stop eating these products but to teach you to detect traps when you eat them.

1 – Fruit Juices

A good glass of orange juice is good for your health! “. This is what we have been hammering industry for many years. But do you know that a glass of orange juice contains as much sugar as a glass of Coca Cola? And yes … Surprising? Not so much … Look at the label and you will see that you will have almost the same values. And again we are talking about good quality fruit juice. Not a crap made from concentrate to which we add 50% sugar … In the end, the best is to eat the fruit directly. You have fibre, natural vitamin C and normal sugar content. By cons, in case of hypoglycemia fruit juice without added sugar is perfect.

2 – Dried fruits

Very small, cute and frippled, dried fruits are a beautiful trap for diabetics. A small raisin contains as many sugars as in a beautiful big grape freshly picked and when we know that it is a very sweet fruit we imagine very quickly that its presence in a dish should not be forgotten. This is due to the fact that the “drying” removes the water present in the fruit but in no way its sugar level! In short, if you eat couscous and you see, think 20 grapes = 20g of carbohydrates.

3 – The bread

Oh the crunch of a baguette, the smell of bread still hot when it breaks … We have read “I do not understand, my blood sugar is mounted yet I have eaten only a slice of cheese …”. Too many people make the mistake of associating the sugar content with the sweet taste of the food. However, like any wheat flour product, it contains half of its amount of flour in carbs: you eat 40g of bread, you have 20g of carbohydrates in it. We will not dwell on the fact that white bread is a sugar with a glycemic index as high as sugar in pieces. So a quick sugar.

4 – The chocolate

Most of the people consume chocolate. And we consume 400,000 tons a year! The trap when you are diabetic is to resuscitate yourself with chocolate. In fact, against all odds, the latter has a rather low glycemic index, which makes it a food whose sugars are slowly absorbed by the body. But what we look for during hypoglycemia is to resuscitate as quickly as possible. These words must be qualified by the different types of chocolate. A 30% low-end milk chocolate will contain a lot of added sugars but in a general way avoid chocolate for you to rescuer.

5 – Sweet and sour sauces

As an accompaniment to your rice, with your shrimp fritters or spring rolls, you often have a sauce on the side. These sauces are usually very sweet but the taste is hidden by the acidity of the vinegar or lemon they contain. To check that a sauce contains a lot of sugar put in your fingers (or lips) and press several times. The sauce should quickly stick if it is very sweet.

6 – Fruits

As we say above people tend to estimate the sugar level of the food to its sweet taste. So we have heard ” I have pears but they are not very sweet ! “. Here again attention. Indeed, except for rare exceptions (such as bananas for example), the level of sugar in a wall / non-Wall fruit is almost the same. The flavour of the fruit depends mainly on the process of processing the starches. So don’t judge carbohydrates by their taste, but by the nutritional values you usually attribute to them. A medium size Apple = 20g of carbohydrates for example. So please yourself with good fruits

7 – Oilseeds

Peanuts, pistachios, almonds … The aperitif is their kingdom where they are consumed a lot. Do you know that these berries contain very little carbohydrate? They are mainly fat. Be careful not to count them in your insulin dose or when you consume strong alcohol. Indeed, these appetizers do not contain enough sugar to counteract the hypoglycemic effect of strong alcohol.

8 – Alcohol

The idea that alcohol contains sugar is one of the most widespread. Indeed, an alcohol such as whiskey does not contain sugar and has the same opposite effect: that is to say that it is hypoglycemic, it causes a sharp drop in the level of sugar in the blood and prevents the liver from to make some. Without going to the whiskey, the red wine or a dry white wine contains very little, we do not count them. Exceptions made for beer, sweet wines or brandy to which we add sugar not naturally present in the fruit.

9 – The chips

Very small, crispy, fat, salty. These are the first characteristics that we remember chips. But we often forget that they are potatoes at the base and that they contain sugar! Again, salt and fat deceive us and the sweet sensation does not exist. 100g of chips = 50g of carbohydrates: it’s huge! So be careful when you eat.

10 -The Avocado

Avocado is eaten for dessert in some countries. No wonder for a fruit! And yet it contains very little carbohydrate. So little that we should not count it in the carbohydrate intake of the meal. This does not make it food that can be consumed in mass. Indeed, it has the defect to be very fat and even if it is “good fat” it should not be abused.


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