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Diabetics: what drinks for the summer?

Summer rhymes with small glasses on the terrace and sweet pleasures … It’s not always easy when one is diabetic to know which drink to take. Here are some alternatives to combine fun and health.  

Sodas, cocktails and other blends … summer terraces often go hand in hand with high-sugar drinks. But your diabetes drives you to look closely at the labels of industrial drinks to avoid high glycemic index drinks. Indeed, these drinks are ”  particularly sweet and rich in additives  “.

Here are some alternatives to test! Think of homemade iced tea, lime juice and some zest in fresh water, mint leaves and lemon juice in sparkling water, advises, nutritionist dietitian. And why not ” with coconut water (those whose brands have no aroma or additives and whose sugar content is very low)  “.

A glass of essential water!

If an opportunity arises and your favourite beverage is on the menu, then enjoy yourself, but “do not go over a drink  “. Take into account the glycemic content in your daily intake to regulate your insulin requirements. And ”  always drink a glass of water in parallel  “.

If you feel hypoglycemia occurs, “Drink a glass of sweet drink (non-light soda, iced tea or fruit juice), ideal for raising blood sugar quickly. And wait 15 minutes and then measure the blood glucose again. 

Tips for the youngest children 

Get diabetic children to drink as soon as possible to enjoy drinks other than traditional sodas: water, herbal teas and fruits in the form of a milkshake without added sugar are perfect examples. A palace is educated and the taste for fast sugar is only a matter of addiction: the less the body absorbs less it will tend to want.

Fruits rather than juices.

Also avoid acidic drinks such as sodas: ”  consume the fruit juices in moderation and take care not to drink them in isolation  “, their glycemic index is very high. Favour”  fruits (2 to 3 servings per day maximum) in the squeezed juice because even pure or pressed, it does not systematically replace the whole fruit because it contains less fibre, fewer vitamins and has a higher glycemic index  “


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