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How I freed myself from diabetes
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How I freed myself from diabetes ?

how i freed myself from diabetes


Diabetes has become a nightmare for diabetic patients. This menace is making its roots strong in today’s world. This disease has been taking a colossal amount of national health budget. With the passage of time, the number of diabetics is increasing. According to a report, an estimated  1.6 million patients had to kick the bucket in 2016  due to diabetes. This chronic disease can be rooted out by some preventions and proper medication. I was one of the people who are tired of being diabetic the question raised time and again in my mind that “ how I freed myself from diabetes”?

What was my action plan?

The fear of losing my life due to diabetes made me worrisome and perturbed, then I thought to take an initiative to freed myself from diabetes I wanted to get rid of medicines. I started my own research, read blogs and articles, talked to my family and friends, watching youtube videos of doctors regarding the prevention of diabetes.  Right after a week I stopped taking my diabetes medicines you would be amazed by reading that how could a diabetic patient leave its medication, but I did this. It could have been worse, but thank God everything went according to my strategy.

There was a firm belief in me that diabetes can be cured or you can say “be controlled”.To achieve any goal you must have firm determination. And apart from all the alternatives which I took in the whole process my firm belief worked as a catalyst to help me achieve my target.

I had so many challenges and risks in my journey. As I said before I left medicines after a week of my research, this was quite risky for me as my blood sugar level could go up. It was a plan of 6 to 8 months.

how i freed myself from diabetes

Things which I did:

My strategy consisted of various health hacks, which are as follows ;

My first step toward my goal: was to eat less and burn more, which led to weight loss. I replaced my unhealthy diet with a healthy diet by subtracting sugary food, beverages, alcohol, and high calories energy drinks. To cure diabetes, this action should be taken by every diabetic. Keep yourself away from those things which disturb blood sugar level.

Another mantra which I adopted was   “ LESS”.By following this “LESS” strategy I took fewer carbohydrates, less fried foods, less fat and flavored drinks, and less tea or coffee.

On one hand , I less some unhealthy food and stuff and  on other hand I took more of some particular  items I.e more grains more fibers, more wheat, more water .apart from this I added some home remedies in my daily routine which are: green tea, mixture of apple cider vinegar, olive oil for maximum use and fenugreek powder mixture and garlic rice .

Exercise is one of the main parts which accelerated the process of diabetes cure.I used to do treadmill in the morning on empty stomach on medium pace, did squats and push-ups in the afternoon in 4-5 times per week

How I freed myself from diabetes ?

After following the above-mentioned plan, After the struggle of 8 to 9 months I went to the doctor for follow up and you know what he gave good news that my sugar level is becoming normal , hemoglobin A1C levels come down ,weight got reduced and overall results were encouraging which made me push to follow my plan further .


If I can free myself from this disease then why not anyone else? Consistency and persistence is the key which will lead you to your destination.

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