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Type II diabetes that previously affected mostly people over fifty years, is seen in a much more worrying way among young people.

One can wonder about the consumption of dairy products rich in hormones administered to cows and the disruption of the entire endocrine system that follows.

We can question the increasing presence of xenophobia estrogen in our environment, and be vigilant, but today, We are telling you here various natural sources to stop the process.

1. Food

I have already talked about the importance of the ketogenic diet: I refer you to this article:

But I’m going to talk to you here about other foods or food supplements that may have a significant interest, in addition to this ketogenic diet.

Thus it will be important to make a major contribution to dietary fibre: the fibres slow down the penetration of sugar into the blood.

In addition to many dietary fibres, it is also possible to use the Konjac:

1 gram before each meal, for example. 

Chinese dietetics rooted in more than 2000 years of tradition teaches us the importance of certain foods “anti-diabetic”

 The green cabbage:

It supports the whole spleen-pancreas and has a hypo glycerin action in addition to relieving a lot of stomach upset.

It should be consumed raw in the form of juice: 1/2 glass of raw juice before each meal, in case of diabetes. In prevention, in the form of vegetables regularly.

The Pumpkin:

Despite a relatively high glycemic index, pumpkin has a hypoglycemic action. Consume between 250 and 500 g per day, puree, vegetable, soup. Its consumption can be daily to help control blood sugar. 

Yellow soybeans, in the form of soy milk (BIO!) or TOFU:

Hypoglycemic, it can be used in the form of milk or tofu, mainly for blood group A and AB patients; Groups O and B digest it badly and therefore choose another food.


Cooked or raw in the diet. In addition to being hypoglycemic, they also have an effect on constipation.

The onion

Hypoglycemic, it can be consumed in all its forms if the person digests it well. It has an effective action on the secretion of insulin and is found to be an appreciable regulator of blood sugar.

Black sesame:  also calls Nigella

Tonic of the energy of the Kidneys (our reserve of vital energy which is hurt by an imbalance on Rate-Pancreas during Diabetes)

It is hypoglycemic by promoting the metabolism of sugar in the liver. Make a powder of black sesame seeds and sprinkle on the crudités to absorb the equivalent of 2 grams per day.

The cucumber

Quenching in warm periods, it is hypoglycemic and diuretic.


Is hypoglycemic and hypocholesterolemic: it reduces sugar and cholesterol:

She is a friend of Diabetic. It increases the effectiveness of insulin and facilitates the assimilation of carbohydrates.

Be careful to take moderately if there is excessive heat like hot flashes at menopause.

Apart from the “excesses” of heat, it remains the favourite aroma of diabetics.

Coconut oil

It was quoted in the medical texts of ancient China and found again its nobility thanks to the recent works which aroused the interest of the AGCM: (medium chain fatty acids)

Indeed, these AGCM increase the ability of cells to absorb glucose.

Moreover, it is an oil that can withstand high temperatures: so it must be the cooking oil to use for diabetics

The Gemmotherapy:

A. Morus Nigra (the mulberry tree) in buds

It contributes by its protective action on the mucous membranes, to limit the risks of complications of diabetes, in particular, the vasculopathy: retinopathy, digestive ulcer.

B. Juglans controlled buds

Taken at the beginning, it can help normalize  insulin production

Do not forget, regular physical exercise:

Regular exercise every day is essential for the general metabolism of the body.And remember no need to register at a gym club: an hour of walking every day will do wonders!

So here are some vegetables and herbs to add to your diet regularly if you have diabetes II: You should see improvements in the management of your blood sugar.

As for gemmotherapy, it will support treatment if you have one, but will not replace it. Always bring your naturopath and your doctor with you.

Regular walking every day could replace the English proverb: “an apple a day, doctor away.” A good walk every day will keep the doctor away!


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